Toe Shortening

Toes can be long, short, curled, callused or just plain ugly. Most patients can live with that but there are some who cannot. Just fitting these conditions into shoes can often lead to pain, sores, and painful calluses. Our patients inform us that they want relief from their discomfort and pain but, just as important, they want a cosmetically pleasing result. At Foot First Podiatry, we don’t compromise beauty to correct the function of your feet. Through minimally invasive techniques, we can straighten, shorten, lengthen and even uncurl your toes. Your corrected toes will not only feel more comfortable in your shoes, but they will look pretty too!

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Our Patients

"I love Dr. Sklar for fixing my once awful feet! I had bunions that inhibited me from wearing gym shoes comfortably and I barely allowed them to see the light of day because I was ashamed for anyone to see them. Now, I am into gym shoes and no longer hiding my feet while in sandals. There is no other foot doctor I would trust, thanks Dr. Sklar!"

~ Troyah Reddick, Bunion

"Dr. Sklar was my third opinion for my surgery and after the consultation I knew I was where I belonged! So thankful that I found Foot First and their extremely friendly and knowledgable staff!! I highly recommend them...if you haven't figured that out!!"

~ Jane Ruser, Bunion

"Great work Dr. Sklar fixing my hammer toe and bunion. I am an avid runner but Dr. Sklar said to set my sights low for the first year. So 9 - months later I ran a 2:02:39 1/2 marathon @ 58 years old. Highest praise for great work and recovery."

~ Bill Olander Jr., Hammer Toe & Bunion