The Sklar Bunionectomy utilizing the Swiss technique for Bunions

The Sklar Bunionectomy utilizing the Swiss Technique: The best procedure for correcting bunions.

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When surgery is your best option to relieve bunion pain, you’ll be happy to know that the doctors at Foot First Podiatry have performed thousands of bunion surgeries over the years.

The Sklar Bunionectomy utilizing the Swiss Technique is unique within the world of Podiatry. As a brand, it has become our guiding trademark and it embodies all that characterizes our work at Foot First Podiatry. We are committed to the tradition of the bunionectomy but we have taken it one step further with our innovative surgical techniques. The Sklar Bunionectomy is minimally invasive and is engineered to allow for immediate weight bearing, so our patients walk right away. It requires no crutches or casts.  Aesthetically rewarding our patients a beautiful, virtually scar free foot.

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Our Patients

"I love Dr. Sklar for fixing my once awful feet! I had bunions that inhibited me from wearing gym shoes comfortably and I barely allowed them to see the light of day because I was ashamed for anyone to see them. Now, I am into gym shoes and no longer hiding my feet while in sandals. There is no other foot doctor I would trust, thanks Dr. Sklar!"

~ Troyah Reddick, Bunion

"Dr. Sklar was my third opinion for my surgery and after the consultation I knew I was where I belonged! So thankful that I found Foot First and their extremely friendly and knowledgable staff!! I highly recommend them...if you haven't figured that out!!"

~ Jane Ruser, Bunion

"Great work Dr. Sklar fixing my hammer toe and bunion. I am an avid runner but Dr. Sklar said to set my sights low for the first year. So 9 - months later I ran a 2:02:39 1/2 marathon @ 58 years old. Highest praise for great work and recovery."

~ Bill Olander Jr., Hammer Toe & Bunion